Girl Of My Dreams – Leroy Fahnkar

Текст песни «Girl Of My Dreams»

You’re the only one that takes my breath away
Hold me, love me, take me, move me night and day
You have captured me and now I’ve lost my way
Longing for your hot embrace

In my dreams you smile to me disarmingly
When you are around me I’m in ecstasy
Will you ever be my destiny
I’ll be yours eternally

Shine on me, my morning sun
On the sands to you I run
I am so in love with you
Flying high above the ground
Shine on me, my glowing sun
You’re my only number one
I am so in love with you
Girl, you got me so undone
I’m so undone

I’ve been telling you, my darling, all my heart
Trembling, dreaming, hoping that you won’t depart
You know I have always loved you from the start
We should never be apart
Every day I long so badly for your touch
Never realized I’d miss you, girl, so much
You’re the only one that I would ever trust
Always longing for your touch
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